What is "More than 100 Days"?

Are you a patient considering a bone marrow stem cell transplant and wondering what it could be like?  Are you someone who is looking for encouragement?  Are you facing disappointments and how to deal with unexpected changes?  Are you waiting for a touch from God?  Michael Rogers and his wife, Jan, understand where you are at.  They have an answer for you; not theirs, but, God's.  In the midst of even the most challenging trials and the darkest times, God has not moved.  He is still on the throne and still sovereign.  He loves you and He has a plan for your life.  As you read through the pages of this book, you will walk with them through the difficult journey they faced, and, as they have prayed, if your heart is open,  God will meet you there.



What are people saying about "More than 100 Days"?

"I'm on page 48 and I can't put it down!"...Cindy P.

" Just finished reading about the trip to the park without the mask and the part about life never being the same again but God knowing your paths. Great inspiring words Jan. Just can't put it down.."  Gloria M.

From the Publisher:
"One hundred days could be a short time for some people, but to author Jan Rogers and her husband Michael, it marked an unbelievable display of God’s healing touch, mercy and love. When Michael’s sudden fatigue and weight loss was diagnosed as Myelodysplastic Syndrome, with the Jak2 mutation, the couple had to temporarily uproot from their Tennessee farm to Nashville for Michael to undergo a bone marrow stem cell transplant. Her new personal memoir, More Than 100 Days…A Stem Cell Transplant Journey of Faith, comprises Jan’s commentary and Caring Bridge blog entries to describe the endeavor of faith both embarked on for Michael’s recovery. Even when Michael was diagnosed with the Epstein-Barr virus, Jan willingly gave her husband’s illness to God, letting go and letting God. But God showed Himself in various miracles, through people and with witnessing opportunities for the couple as they saw the Healer do the impossible."