Happy July 4th!




July greetings! Even though July 4th isn’t until Tuesday officially, we’re going to begin celebrating it this evening with family and friends because everyone’ schedule is a bit wonky on Tuesday. Michael and I will most likely go to watch the show after our local baseball game that day, but, we’re doing the backyard BBQ & fireworks show today.

I was thinking about the freedom that we celebrate. Sometimes we forget about the concept of freedom and what a blessing it is. In this country, we are still free. Those of us who are Christians have seen those freedoms slowly chipped away at, however, for many years. How grateful I am, though, that we still can move about freely and discuss our views without fear unlike people in so many other countries.

Freedom also has a Spiritual and an emotional context to it. If you are a Christian, then, the Bible tells you that in Jesus Christ you have the ultimate freedom (from sin); a freedom He gave His life for. What this freed us from was sin and death. What we celebrate on Tuesday is a national freedom for which many people also gave their lives.

Michael has faced death. No doubt. But, in that also comes another freedom; the freedom from fear. Fear is real and at times it seems almost palpable. But, we need not be fearful for what the future holds even if we can’t see the entire picture. What a blessing it is that I don’t fear where I will spend eternity because my eternal future was secured by Jesus’ death and resurrection.

I don’t know who all follows this page or where our followers are spiritually. There is one thing I do know and that is if you haven’t surrendered your life to Jesus Christ then you will never be truly free. While we celebrate July 4th one day a year, those of us who are free indeed in Jesus Christ can celebrate that freedom every day, and for all eternity to come.

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