God is at Work!

Good Morning, Dears,

I just had to share something with you today.  We received a note this week from a dear lady who had just finished the book.  She wrote the following:

“Your book is without doubt the most palpable witness of one’s devout faith it has been my privilege to read.”

This lady has travelled the world and is highly educated and cultured.  She is a local philanthropist.  It isn’t that her background was what made her comments so special.  It was that despite her background and all her life experiences, the Lord was able to whisper to her heart through what He has orchestrated in our lives in the past two years and two months.  As I read her note my heart was filled with joy.  What a great God we serve!

It is an incredible blessing to see how God works.  And, it is an even greater blessing to know that He can and will use anyone; anything and any circumstance to accomplish His purposes.  We are living that truth out daily and we take great encouragement from knowing that.

Have a blessed day!

Michael and Jan


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